Best Surprise from my husband on Valentines Day!

Best Surprise from my Husband on Valentines Day!

Oh Cupid, nobody knows the nature of your work! How do you choose the couple who will fall in love and when do you strike with your love arrow? You are an angel of joy and happiness, but you are also an angel of tears.

Every year, thousands of couples celebrate the holiday of being in love – Saint Valentines Day. It should be the feast for both partners who are in love – both men and women. Unfortunately, that day becomes merely a woman’s day of chocolates, flowers and cheap presents supposedly associated with the heart. Why is it happening that something beautiful becomes simply boring and routine: going out to dinner or the automatic expectation to give and receive flowers? How about gifts that are personalized, those that are thought of deeply and hopefully involve a little bit more of the imagination?
I was surprised to discover that Saint Valentine was an early Christian martyr who performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and who ministered to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. He was executed on February 14. As the legend goes, Saint Valentine cut hearts from parchment to give to soldiers and persecuted Christians to remind them of God’s love and to encourage them to remain faithful. Legend states that before his execution he wrote “from your Valentine” as a farewell to a daughter of his jailer Asterius named Julia, who Valentine healed from blindness. Julia herself planted a pink blossomed almond tree near his grave (from Wikipedia).
I see where the hearts and flowers came from: these were the symbols of the love and marriage that Saint Valentine secretly performed in defiance of the Roman Emperor. He died for his love of God; he didn’t deny his Christian belief just to save his own life.

I don’t think that many people who are using these symbols today know what is the true meaning of Saint Valentines day. I’m not sure how this day was transformed purely as a ‘lovers day’ and nothing else, but I do know that true love comes from God, something that was given to us from above.

There is no strict guidance on how we should celebrate Saint Valentines Day. There shouldn’t be any obligation to give something to your partner, but celebrating this day should come from the bottom of your heart.

Numerous people are always protesting that their partners are being sweet only on Valentines Day, but sheepishly admitting that at least they feel being thought of even for a single day.

As for me, the real surprise comes from other days rather than from Saint Valentines Day, when my husband, without me saying anything, reads my mind and does something out of his own volition. For example, after dinner, he would stand up and wash the dishes without any complaints. At night when I am really tired, he takes care of our crying baby or understands me when I need to be cranky (I am after all a woman). That is the time that I realize that I am loved and that person made a choice to love me, because it is not everyday that you wake up feeling in love with the person next to you. Most likely we wake up as a mother and wife or a father and husband with responsibilities, chores and priorities, but in the midst of all these, we should remember the choice we made once, the choice to love our mate no matter what.

I remember me and my husband’s first Valentines Day, when we celebrated it separately, in different countries, when his voice was the best present I could get. We were already married when we celebrated our second Valentines Day. Every Valentines Day I thank God for giving us that beautiful feeling and we ask him to teach us how to love each other as he commanded us.

So what is the ideal way to surprise a woman or a man during Valentines Day? It’s up to you. If its chocolates or flowers or a romantic dinner for two, just make it special to the one you love and more importantly, try to celebrate every day as if it’s Saint Valentines Day.

PS: Just when I’ve finished writing this blog “the best surprise from my husband on Valentines day” my husband surprised me with an early celebration of the Valentines day! I have to share it with you my friends, because it was the BEST SURPRISE I have ever got from Eric on that day of love. It happens Saturday February 9; we were supposed to go to a concert  that we were invited long time ago , but instead of driving to Manila, I found us in Island Cove here in Cavite where was a private concert of our favorite band “Side A Band”

We used their song “Forevermore” on our wedding when I was walking down the Isle! To see and hear them  Live was my dream! And here we were sitting on a romantic dinner, dancing during their live performance, and we even got a chance to chat with them after the concert for like 20 minutes! They are such a nice and sweet people.

When you hear them perform, it’s like you drink 10 cups of coffee, there is so much adrenaline! What made it so special was that I didn’t know we would end up there. This night was Image so inspirational and I felt like I am the luckiest girl, because I have the best husband in the whole world!


10 thoughts on “Best Surprise from my husband on Valentines Day!

  1. Too bad, this seems to be last post. I genuinely liked reading your posts. Anyway, I wish you and your family the best. Not sure if you’ll see this as you may have abandoned the blog. Nonetheless…

  2. This might be an old posting I’m replying to but your message, Anna is still real and infinite.
    Love is the greatest gift on anyday and not just on Valentines day. I read your love story and have seen the film of it in YouTube one night while perusing through topics of interest. Your love story is inspirational! God bless you both and your family.
    Ваш доброе сердце находит свое отражение в вашей красоты .

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