Russian living in the Philippines

Hi, I am Anna. Recently, my family and I moved from the US to the Philippines. It’s been 2 months and I find myself locked in a new world with so much feelings of adjustment, excitement and sadness that I decided to share it with you – my new and old friends.
  Imagine how many pinoys go to different countries to start a new life. Well I did the opposite; I came here in the Philippines and called it home. I don’t really know what people should feel when they go and live in different country. Is it only me or does everyone feel sad and excited at the same time? I changed countries twice already. The first time, I moved five years ago from Russia to study in America. The night I flew from Moscow to New York, I cried deeply for not being able to see my family and friends for a long time, but I had a strong desire to find out what is it like to live the American Dream and why is it like a magnet that attracts people all over the world. You know what? I did find my dream. I met my husband, Frederick Baylosis (Eric). On the other hand, did I live my life like a dream?
  America in my opinion is a very comfortable country, where people enjoy big houses, luxury cars, lots of food and US bucks, but all of it comes with a price. Same with my friends, they have to work 2 jobs in order to buy all these things and in order to sustain their middle class status, which leads to people’s materialistic mentality that inevitably created a big distance between people, families and even husbands and wives
  Why do you think 50% of marriages in the US end up in divorce? Maybe because spouses spend more time at work than at home. People have the money but their lives are depressing. On the other hand, every time we visited the Philippines, we noticed that a lot of poor citizens are full of joy and happiness in their faces, always looking for something to celebrate. That is when the idea to move to the Philippines was born. My husband Eric dreamt to move to his home country after living in the US for 10 years. At first, I had so many doubts and spent long time thinking about that decision.
  First of all, it’s because of all the bad comments made by former Filipinos living in the US. Most of them pointed to me the dirtiness, pollution and disorganization on the roads of the country, which is why they could no longer live there. Secondly, even my husband’s relative told me: “Really, You want to move there?! Think about the education your kids will receive!  Think about their future!
  Well, I am not blind, I could see all of that during my visits to the Philippines, squatter kingdom and a 4 hour drive in a mere 20 miles. But I could also see the sweetness of the Filipino people and their strong belief of family values that are lost in the western mentality. Also Filipinos are patient and hard working.
    Now the decision is made! I am here in the Philippines. What is waiting for me here? I don’t know!.. Who will be my friends and what profession awaits me?….
I decided to share my perspective on adjustment with everyone, cause there are too many questions. Jumping from one culture to another is not easy and I will need a lot of help from those who are here for a long time, who knows all the Philippine holidays and can explain the Filipino mind and soul.
    I am so excited about all challenges and happy experiences that God will put me through here. I am inviting you all to my blog, Russian girl Anna living in the Philippines.


22 thoughts on “Russian living in the Philippines

  1. I am so proud of u Anna! I am sure u will hav a bright future where ever u go. Just hold on ur dreams and desires. Ur big inspirations comes from ur loving family and supported hubby. Gudluck Anna and may God will guide u all d time

  2. i have traveled around the world and seen places that most Filipino could not afford to see… i thought about moving somewhere far from my home land and settle. You have proven me wrong, almost 80 percent of my country i haven’t seen yet and after reading your blog i realize that i have no right to judge what i don’t know. Thanks, i still may work abroad but there will be no place like home! enjoy your stay in the Philippines and career wise i am sure that it wouldn’t be hard for you. i’ am trying my best to make my Ukrainian fiance realize that there are a lot of good things to be seen and experience here in the Philippines.

    • Hello Irving! Thanks for your reply on my blog! Well there are lots of beautiful places to live in the world! I would say all my friends in Europe are pretty happy! I’m just saying don’t fall for stereotypes! Someone’s experience might not be yours! It depends on the field that you are in professionally! Comfortable life is not happy life! Much more important peace of mind and worm neighborhood!
      Good luck with your Ukrainian fiancé! Try different countries before you find your home!

  3. Anna, you have the guts in trying to live here. I don’t want to elaborate it but welcome to the Philippines and good luck. I hope you will find it here what you want in your life and fulfillment. Again, good luck.

  4. Anna, True to it, squatters abound, chaos, traffic your occasional horror stories. But these are not endemic to the Philippines. Any country in the world have them and maybe even worst. But what is also true is what you have observe. Despite all the hardships we encounter, we still find to smile, laugh and even celebrate. And most importantly, Family, your new found family will always be there by your side. Family will always support you, love you and even insulate you from harm and hardships, they will be your strength. These are what you can expect and experience in your stay in our lovely country. Good luck and have a great life with your new found family.

    • Thank you so much Rey for your wishes. We are trying to get used to this environment and culture, well I am, so far is good. Hopefully, the transition is gonna be smooth)))

  5. Anna,I have been following you since your pregnancy and beautiful baby on FB. Good luck in Pinoy and your new surroundings.. I plan to relocate to So. Leyte permanently and enjoy your enthusiasm and lightness of being…..

  6. hellO ana….woooooow….highly proud Of you….Ur sUch a great person dOnt stop dreaming,,,never lost hope…even U are striving n philippines…i know god have a better more plan for you….U are made in a million……spread ur beauty and knowledge…hmmmmuah

  7. good luck anna, i’m glad to be your heighbor… magkalapit lang ang municipality natin… 🙂 i’m from tanza, cavite, just before naic… proud of you.. isa kang tunay na pinoy… welcome

  8. Thanks for your positive views about the Philippines and nice to know that you are married to a Filipino. One of these days, God will bring back the glory and prosperity to the EAST and that includes Russia and the Philippines.

  9. I like your life story, and your love story with your husband the most. I love listening to your tagalog songs that you’re singing solo or with David. I admire your positive outlook in life, that makes everywhere a better place for you, be it America, Philippines or anywhere. You have the talent that makes you a wonderful person, and the “iT”! Go for it Anna, enjoy and have fun with the great hospitality of the Filipino people.

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