Russian Girl in the Philippines

Russian Girl in the Philippines

walking in Intramuros


7 thoughts on “Russian Girl in the Philippines

  1. Welcome to our home. I have lived in many places around the world, some together with my family. We have enjoyed the abundance of material things, too. But our hearts yearn for the warmth of home-grown Filipino smiles, their perseverance and unending hope in the face of any adversity…only in the Philippines. Once in a while, go back to Russia, or California. We’ll always be waiting for you here. This is where you enjoy your family, where you enjoy your solitude, where everyday brings a cause for celebration. This is where REAL life really is. This is the Philippines.

    • Hi Joaquin! Thanks for your reply! I’m gonna go back to Russia every year, that’s for sure, my family and friends are still there! But as much as possible I’ll try to establish myself here… so i can call it home!
      So where do you live now?

  2. Dear Ana,
    Its a sweet thing about ur letter here…difffrent culture,diffrent people,all are in the Philippines…
    The only thing here in the Phils. is there are lot of people who have no work…but they are there to talk to you when u r tired,lonely, desperate most of all hungry….hahahaha..but theres a lot of bbq in the streets to feed ur hunger…(no burger like in NY d best burger their is…best Pizza their is..).but its not worth it…
    We live in a day to day bases but its not routine here in the Phils., stormy roads, bad politicians all the bad things are here…basura here and there…everything chaotic..Thats what make it…Only in the Philippines…
    But what makes life so beautiful here is the family bonding all around you…ur husbands bro,sis, cousins..theyre there to ask u for help..but thats life…
    My brother who live in Texas for years…wants to go back home to smell the baho of not taken basura for number of days…because sira ang truck sa basura….actually there is life here in the Philippines….
    I welcome you here in the Philippines…
    ..enjoy ur stay.. its me…

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts! It is all very right! About basura I’m gonna wright in my next blog! Every country has advantages and disadvantages,But what makes it call home is only your human feelings and boundaries with country you live!
      Salamat po!

  3. Just want to say Good Luck, take care and enjoy the spirit of Christmas, it’s really different how we celebrate Christmas in the Pihilippines compare here in America, I really miss Christmas in the Philippines, it’s been 23 years. God Bless You!

  4. Hello ana…welcome to the philippines….spread ur beauty and knowledge and of course ur talent :..u can learn the traditiOnal of filipinos…rather than philippines is a precious country as wil…lol..

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