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17 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to the Philippines, Anna. We Filipinos are honored to have a visitor (but now a fulltime resident) like you in our shore. No matter what they say or write about the Philippines, this country is still TOPS for people like your Eric — and me! And I’m plenty glad you too seem to have the same thoughts. …Speaking of changing countries, I myself thought my life would be OK when after a 25 yrs stint in the Philippine government which during the last two years of my tenure opened my eyes to the World when it sent me to Geneva (Switzerland), Brussels (Belgium), and New York CiTY (USA) as lone Phil delegate to some GATT meetings, I boldly set forth to try my luck in America, leaving 4 growing kids behind, alone with my wife, while I tried my best to find a place in corporate America, specifically corporate New York, where — as Sinatra’s song goes — if you can make it there you can make it anywhere, hahaha…! Anyway, as luck would have it, although i was already an old man when I moved to New York, I happened to be at the right place at the right time: American economy then — early 1980s — was economically rebounding from the recessionary 1970s and jobs were aplenty, so much so that at one time I had 3 jobs SIMULTANEOUSLY! My God! Thinking back, I don’t really know how I was able to manage THAT! 9-6 Mon-Fri at the World Trade Center for Dean Witter Reynolds-Morgan Stanley; 6:30-midnight, M-F, part-time at Chemical Bank; plus weekends at an accounting office in Flushing Meadows! Whew!!! Lots of times I was sleeping in the trains to and from work… Richmond Hill in Queens to Manhattan to Flushing Meadows and back! Or sleep at the WTC when doing OTs up to the wee hours….. Well, to make the long story short, I survived the ordeal… and live to tell this story, hahahaha! Enough, Anna. Sorry, humaba ito. Nadala ako eh. [Can you understand that Tagalog bit? If not, ask Eric! What are husbands for! Hahahaha!]… Bye for now, my FB friend…. this is August C Fernando, nicknamed a lot — Boy, Gus, Augie, August. Choose your poison! 😉 P.S.. Anna, my friend, please feel free to delete this “novel” from your blog it you think I overstepped your “hospitality”, hehehe.

    • Hello August, thank you so much for sharing your story! It was very interesting to read)))
      I’m glad you made it in New York$ That city is the same as any Megapolis sucks up all you have to offer! I personally never lived there, but my friends still do! The same as my sister, she is right now in Moscow, the craziest city of Russia! Well, almost all her time she spends at work!!!! For her the big question is how to creat a family in such city, where there is no time to eat your breakfast?)))
      Well people live everywhere, even on the North Pole. how? With God’s help! And there is nothing wrong in trying your best anywhere!!!!
      What I was saying, stereotypes sometimes ruining our perspective on real values! Like: “America is a Dream country!” ” Philippines is pour, dirty and disorganized” or ” Russians are terrorists” ))))) People should feel the place where they are living by heart, not just from materialistic point of view! I love every singe country I have lived in: Russia is my home, my family and friends; USA is my love, where I truly believed in God; Philippines, so far, very worm country with very worm people))))
      Salamat po! At Oo! Naintindihan ko ang tagalog!

      • Salamat sa pag-intindi, Anna. Paki-edit mo lang ung WORM sa post mo.Hehehe. i know you meant WARM. 😉 Well, no one is perfect naman, right? Ingat lagi. We Pinoys — like Eric and your kids — love YOU!

  2. Welcome to the Philippines! Different countries, different people have different cultures too but we Filipinos are very proud to say that we are friendly, hospitable and happy people. No matter how hard is life in Philippines but we still manage to be happy for a just simple thing.

    Again, welcome to our country and enjoy with Eric and family….

  3. Hi Anna! We are the Filipino Commissioning Team here in Chayvo,Sakhalin Island, RUSSIA since 2006 up to present under ExxonMobil Project (Oil and Gas),and we are so happy and proud for you..Hope we can see each other together with the whole team..We are ANATICS here in RUSSIA..hehehehe..

  4. Anna, kamusta ka na? Kamusta na rin ang Tagalog lessons mo? Sana mas maraming Tagalog kang sagot dito sa blog mo. I really feel a kick out of any foreigner speaking our national language fluently. Sabagay merong mga pangungusap (sentences) na mahirap sabihin/isulat sa Tagalog. Kahit kaming purong Katagalogan ay nakakaranas din ng ganoon. Well, pasensya ka na at tila nagiging malalim ang mga salita ko, hehehe. Ingat lagi kayong mag-anak, ha?

  5. I am truly impressed by your guts. I guess came with such a huge decision is love, with your hubby and kids, of course. I for sure will be in a difficult situation if will have to move back to the Philippines. It’s a shame, but that’s just how I feel every time the thought of moving back to the Philippines comes to my mind. I truly love being there, but there are just tons of awesome things where I am right now that I got so used to over the years and the mere thought of ridding them is dreadful. I have lived in three different countries in the last 26 years and I’m thankful to say that with God’s blessings, this journey has been an awesome one. Hopefully, the Philippines will be added to my blueprint again and eventually be our final destination. Until that happens, my family and I will be right where we are and enjoy the heaven seldom found on earth :). Good luck to all your future endeavors, be it modeling or acting career or anything you may wish to follow. You are one fellow who seems to be equipped with everything one needs to become successful. I wish your entire family in the Philippines and in Russia never ending blessings, prosperity, peace and forever happiness. God bless!

  6. All I can say is WOW! Brave, caring, good heart, intelligent! Best of luck to you and your family. It took a Russian girl to tell me what I have been missing being away from my country the last 25 years.

  7. Hello Ms. Rabtsun,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have come to know you from Facebook from an fb friend who shared your video singing in Tagalog. I was so impressed that I wanted to know about you some more. What truly impressed me was not so much about your great talent and your ability to sing songs in our language but rather your love for everything about the Philippines. And yes even our songs. Most of all the choice you’ve made to live there. As a Filipino who has been living in Canada in the last 30 years you really struck a chord. I have forgotten how beautiful my beloved country is. How you appreciate the people, the language the genuine hospitality of the people and most of all how you have chosen a simple life. It made me realize how I take living in Canada for granted sometimes and that there is a very good chance that I would still enjoy living in the country where I was born and raised. I have only been back once in 2010 and to be quite honest it was such a shock in my system that I did not enjoy it one bit. But that’s also because I did not want to give it a chance and that I was being such a snob. But hearing and reading your story has really humbled me and that I would again consider going back to give it another chance and introduce my daughter to the country that raised me once. So I thank you for your story and I thank you for your open mind and I thank you for telling the world that it isn’t such a bad place after all. You have a great love story and I only wish you and Kuya Eric and your kids well.

    Cheers to you and God bless!

    Mississauga, Ontario

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